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Using the Birdingpal resources you must agree to the following: If you contact a local Birdingpal and make arrangement to go birding, you should note it is common courtesy to make sure you show up for the appointment. If for any reason you are unable to do this, the least you must do is contacting the local Pal right away.
Please note that most Birdingpals are serious birdwatchers. It is a privilege to contact them, and your message should reflect it. A local Pal does not get paid, but should he/she offer to take you out birding, using their own vehicle, it would be courteous to pay for the fuel. A lunch and/or a small gift would also be appropriate, something as simple as a souvenir of your country, or a pin from your local birding club.
We want to hear about your experiences with Birdingpals.
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Initial Last Name Area Available Language


  Horacio Matarasso Buenos Dias Birding Buenos Aires, CABA, Argentina Anytime English, Spanish
  I'am a biologist and a passionate birder. I started birding at highschool, so I decided to study biology at Buenos Aires University to dedicate myself to ornithology and birding.

I used to work at BA University and at Western Washington University where I did research works about woodpeckers. Later, I move to live in Patagonia (where I lived 18 years), working on birds of National Parks and forest management. There I was a professor on Biology and Director of the Ornithology Center at Comahue National University, making census in different biogeographic habitats.

I also led birding courses, open to community, where other people were caught on birding passion. At the moment more than 1500 people started the activity in this courses.

Now, I'm living in Buenos Aires city, and I'm guiding birders on southern South America

I like birding. I like to share this activity with other people. Thanks to my job I have been able to visit other countries, knowing the birds and cultures. I'll be glad to guide people from all the world in the places that I know!
Buenos Aires, Delta of Parana, Patagonia, Pampas

Area Birds:
Rheas, Screamers, Reedhaunters, patagonian endemics, etc


Nature: birdwatching, twitching, photography,
Travel: walking, hiking, train, bus, car, ship, cruise,

M del Castillo Buenos Aires, Escobar Anytime Spanishl, english
Hi! I live in Escobar, a really cool place to go birdwatching because it's not really well known and it's in the countryside.

I've already counted 220 species in this area. I really enjoy meeting new people and go birdwatching with them!
Escobar (private places), Anywhere in Buenos Aires

Area Birds:
Penelope obscura, Aramides ypecaha, Melanerpes candidus
Nature: birdwatching, photography, butterflies, swimming, beach, sky diving
Travel: walking, hiking, climbing, train, bus, car, biking, mobile


  A Di Pangracio Buenos Aires Weekdays, weekends Espanol, English
  I am an avid birdwatcher with availability to go around the city and nearby natural areas. I enjoy photography as well and long walks. Area:
Parque Tres de Febrero (Palermo) Reserva Costanera Sur

Area Birds:
aningha, caracara, thrushes, various herons

Nature: birdwatching, birdwatching, photography, butterflies, walking, hiking
L Roget Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Weekend Spanish, English
Hi! I live near Ribera Norte, but I'd be glad to guide you around Vicente Lapez, R.E. Costanera Sur and Costanera Norte. I am a naturalist, a member of Aves Argentinas (Birdlife) and also the founder of the birdwatching club from Palermo district, BA, also a great place to visit to catch some sights.
L Dodyk Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Anytime Spanish, English, Portugues
I'm a naturalist. As a member of Aves Argentinas, I like sharing the areas in Buenos Aires where we are able to see a significant variety of bird species: R.E.C.S. Palermo and open areas in Buenos Aires
M Baltuska Sarmiento, Chubut Anytime Spanish, English
My town hosts a very interesting array of Patagonian steppe and waterfowl, but we are not on the tourist route. Even more dramatic places such as Puerto Deseado deserve more atention. Puerto Deseado is truly patagonia's best kept secret. Really...a trip to it ensures 4 cormorants, 3 gulls, 2 penguins, waders, skuas, sheatbills, 3 oysterchatchers... amazing spot!
G Sferco Mendiolaza, Cordoba Anytime Spanish, English
A Solanet Esquina, Corrientes Anytime Spanish, English
Estancia Don Joaquin is a great area to birding in Argentina.The estancia is located in Esquina,Corrientes Argentina. We have special birdwatching programmes with all inclusive packages. For more information
S Carlos Calilegua/Jujuy/El Rey/Salta NP Anytime Spanish, English
Our place is a Natural Private Reserve and Birdingpals are guided around here free, but we do have the cabins for lodging.
M Voto Villa La Angostura, Neuquen Anytime Spanish, English
I am a naturalist, a member of Aves Argentinas (Birdlife), birdwatching Club of Villa La Angostura & Palermo (BA). I live near Nahuel Huapi National Park, also known as the Andean Patagonia Forest. This incredible place congregates some endemic birds like: chucao tapaculo, andean tapaculo, black throat huet huet, green back firecrown, magellanic woodpecker, thorn-tailed rayadito, austral parakeet, white throat tree-runner, and other unique species. Please contact me for further information!
G Dellacanonica Cipolletti, Rio Negro Weekend Spanish, English, German
C Torlaschi Puerto Deseado/Santa Cruz, Patagonia Anytime Spanish, English, Italian
Puerto Deseado is a typical patagonian town. It´s surrounded by different natural marine reserves which gather a great biodiversity of wildlife, specially sea birds, in a small area. Endemic species like de red legged cormorant or rockhopper penguins can be sighted in their natural enviroment in the most relaxed way. Just come, have fun and enjoy your stay. Expert tour leaders will make of your trip an unforgettable experience. My name: Chantal Torlaschi, marine biologist and birdwatcher lover. I´ll be waiting for you, don´t miss us!
L Scarrone San Juan, San Juan Weekend Spanish, English, understand Portuguese but not speak
I live in the suburbs of San Juan city, in western Argentina, very close to Andes foothills, 150 km north of Mendoza. My place is within the Monte region, a very dry bushy steppe, where if not many species of birds occur, there are some local specialities such as crested tinamou (Eudromia elegans), some Furnariidae & Falconidae and the marvellous condor (Vultur gryphus). There is also an interesting wetland nearby, Lagunas de Guanachache, and birding in the Andes is also an option. Last, in a range of 400 km there are many interesting birding places, within Monte and Chaco regions. For any further details, just contact me.
S Clerico Rosario, Santa Fe Anytime Spanish, English, French, Italian, Catalan, Portuguese
In Rosario is a big river delta just in front of the city. Whe have a motor boat for birdwatching tours every day with a minimum of 2 persons and a maximun of 9. Everybody welcome. Sebastian.
G Argiroffo Rosario, Santa Fe Weekend Spanish, English, less French Italian
I teach Mathematics at the Universidad Nacional de Rosario and I belong to the Birdwatcher Club of Rosario (COA Federal Rosario). This city is on the Parana River where there are beautiful islands to watch birds. Near Rosario it is also located the Pre-Delta National Park. In addition, I own an amazing farm near the IBA San Javier where I see grassland and river birds.
C Rivarola Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego Weekend Spanish, some English
I am fond of bird watching and nature photography.
Visit my blog

Professional Guides

If you contact a professional Birdingpal guide you must be prepared to pay a fee for guiding services.

Initial Last Name Area Available Language
D Gallegos Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Anytime Spanish, English
Last February I contacted Diego after reading about him on the Birdingpal website. We began to email each other in preparation for a trip from my home state of Florida to Buenos Aires, Argentina.
When I couldn't find the book, Aves de Buenos Aires, here in Florida, Diego was able to get it for me. He picked us up (myself and my daughter) and took us to several different areas twice during the week that we birded with him. He made sure we had good looks at the birds and patiently helped us to identify them. Diego even managed to find a Golden-crowned Warbler for me, a species I had never been able to see in the U.S.A. During both trips, Diego made sure that we had food and drinks. Because I like to take photos of new birds (and I had many lifers while birding with Diego!), Diego made sure that we lingered long enough at each place for taking photos. Another reason why we enjoyed his services is that Diego is quite knowledgable about other wildlife and plants in the region, not just the bird species.
If I travel to the Buenos Aires area in the future, Diego will be the first person I will call. I would highly recommend him to anyone who plans to bird there.
Sincerely, Irene Hernandez, Redington Shores, FL bskimmer(AT)
R Manriquez Puerto Madryn, Chubut Anytime Spanish, English
Rubén Manriques guided us (two birders) in Tierra del Fuego for four days in January 2008. The trip was well organized by him. The hotels were okay and not too expensive, just as we had wished. He knew the birds and most of the places where to find them. Mats Björklund. maija.rasanen(AT)
F Cornell Jujuy Anytime Spanish, English
Francisco guided me during my second trip to Argentina and I can recommend him as a knowable and very pleasant guide, who knows where to find the local rarities around Jujuy. Less than half an hour into our tour he spotted Torrent Ducks and Rufous-throated Dippers both lifers for me plus many more birds. Knud Rasmussen. Toronto, Canada.
G Cox San Pedro, Misiones Anytime English, Spanish
13th Jan 2011. I highly recommend a trip with Guy Cox. He is the consummate expert to birds of the area, he helped us to find birds we would never have seen on our own. I recommend him whether you are an expert yourself or a novice to the birds of the area.
Sandy Weber - Blacksburg, VA 24060
Yacutinga Lodge - 11th May 2011. Guy - We wanted to thank you for the wonderful guiding during our stay. We enjoyed your insights into the world of the rain forest as well as your engaging stories of the ornithologist's life in South America.
Alice and David Schiff

I wanted to point out that I signed up with Guy Cox in Argentina but he had to cancel at the last moment because his flight from England was canceled. He hooked me up with Julian Baigorria who gave us a great tour of Urugua-I reserve.

I just wanted to publicly acknowledge both for their services so that other birders would know.
P. Bovitz 2017
E Daniels Ushuaia/Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia Anytime Spanish, English
I'm an enthusiastic birdwatcher and professional tour guide. As a birder I spent the last 10 years searching for the best places to find bird around Southern Patagonia. Tierra del Fuego Island and Patagonia are excellent to birdwatch and enjoy nature.


Birding Friendly Lodging

A place near a birding hotspot, operated by Pals who cater to birders' needs.

Contact Location Nearby Hotspots Type of lodging Languages

Eco-Portal de Piedra
Jujuy, near Calilegua National Park
Provincial Reserve Las Lancitas
Calilegua National Park
El Rey National Parks in Salta
Lodges. Multi-bedroom, porch, kitchen.
Each on its own private half an hectare!
English, Spanish
Eco-Portal de Piedra

Eco Portal Depiedra is located in the Northwest of Argentina, in the province of Jujuy. It`s a biological corridor between two National Parks: Calilegua in Jujuy and El Rey in Salta.

This zone is privileged with birds that are in the Calilegua National Park and El Rey, and adding some from the reserve that protects the hilly Chaco.

We have registered for the zone over 300sp of birds (please see list in web site) with many endemics.

Eco-Portal de Piedra is a Private Natural Reserve in the Yungas(mountain jungle), and together with the Provincial Reserve Las Lancitas, we protect over 11000 Ha.
Eco-Portal de Piedra

We are 40minutes from the Chaco region and an hour and a half from Calilegua.

we are neighbors of the Lancitas Provincial Reserve, that like ours, protects the two environments Chaco/Yungas.

Ours is manly in Yungas and Lancitas has more in Chaco.

Also we are right near the largest roosting spot registered for the Alder parrot (Amazona tucumana).

We have guided tours to these areas with the best hotspots.
Our guides are friendly experts with lots of experience leading trips, in English or Spanish.
The shorter guided tours around our reserve, are free for birding pals!

YEco-Portal de Piedra

The lodges that we have for you are set in their own natural environment; each one has its own private park of an approximated half a Hectare.
Each lodge has its own characteristics:

Surucua: a large building with two bedrooms (ac/heating), two bathrooms a kitchen dining-room, a big living-room with a fireplace, a deck outside (Capacity 6 persons)
Chañar: It has two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen-dining and a living-room and a porch (Capacity 5)
Las Lanzas: Stone Lodge right in the middle of nature, you access to it by a path a short way of the main road, or by 4 wheel drive, its ideal for watching the wild life or for investigators, it has a bedroom, two bathrooms an upstairs platform, and a large main space that has kitchen-dining- and living. Outside it has a barbecue place. (Capacity 4)

All the lodges have: running water (hot/cold), electricity, and include breakfast.
The lodges are totally equipped, even the kitchens; you always have the option of cooking meals yourself.
But you might prefer buying them prepared by one of the local families.

See (Spanish)

Come and stay with us. We can take care of you, and everthing else.
We will pick you up at the airport (or other point) and take you back at the end.

Our website:

And we are on Facebook

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Aves Argentinas Birdlife partner
Rosario, Aves Argentinas Club
Reserva Costanera, Buenos Aires Nature reserve
Reserva Natural Puerto de la ciudad de Mar del Plata Nature reserve
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