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Using the Birdingpal resources you must agree to the following: If you contact a local Birdingpal and make arrangement to go birding, you should note it is common courtesy to make sure you show up for the appointment. If for any reason you are unable to do this, the least you must do is contacting the local Pal right away.
Please note that most Birdingpals are serious birdwatchers. It is a privilege to contact them, and your message should reflect it. A local Pal does not get paid, but should he/she offer to take you out birding, using their own vehicle, it would be courteous to pay for the fuel. A lunch and/or a small gift would also be appropriate, something as simple as a souvenir of your country, or a pin from your local birding club.
We want to hear about your experiences with Birdingpals.
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Initial Last Name Area Available Language
K van Berkel Gasselte, Drenthe Anytime Dutch, English, German, French, some Spanish
I am a biologist and keen birder, doing a lot of photography and have been guiding professionally birding tours in many countries on 4 continents. For Birdingpal I work for free. I live in a province with 3 National Parks, many reserves with good birding spots and not far from the most superb Dutch birding areas: Wadden Sea and Lauwersmeer. Year round there are very good birding opportunities where I live. Kees van Berkel.


  H Ruissen Arnhem, Gelderland Anytime English, Dutch
  I live close to Arnhem, in an area rich in different habitats like forests, heathlands, rivers, and river floodplains.

In different seasons different habitats are interesting. I do not have a car, but can take birders around on walks or on bicycles.
Arnhem, Gelderland, Veluwe forest area, Veluwezoom, Meinerswijk, Waterrijk.

Area Birds:
Several woodpeckers, Common Nightjar, in winter wintering Geese (large numbers), ducks, birds of prey
Nature: birdwatching, photography, hiking,
Travel: train, bus, biking, long walk,
Visit:, outdoors, nature spot

M Westermann Neerijnen, Gelderland Anytime Dutch, English, German, French
In rural estate Neerijnen (good for warblers). Near riverside washlands of the river Waal (in winter geese and ducks).
R Vermoolen Wageningen, Gelderland Anytime Dutch, English
Birdwatcher (20y), -counter (15y) and - twitcher (10y), living in Wageningen since 1998. Wageningen area holds, depending on season, a nice set of 'targets' including Bluethroat, Marsh Warbler, Spoonbill, Black Woodpecker (nearby), Crested Tit, Firecrest, Owls (4 sp), Meadow birds and Wildfowl. The large birdwatcher community in Wageningen produces finds of scarce and rare birds on regular basis as well.

E Lenting Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant Anytime English, German, Dutch
Hi birdwatchers! My name is Erwin and I have been birdwatching since I was young. As a volunteer, I am guiding birdwatching tours for the Dutch birding association for 20 years now. I like to travel around the world to enjoy different countries, nature and of course beautiful birds. I like to share my enthusiasm and knowledge with other birdwatchers. I live in the south of The Netherlands (Eindhoven) and know many good hotspots to go birdwatching in that area. We can always align to go birdwatching in other regions as well. Although I have a busy job, I am normally flexible to go birdwatching during the week and in the weekend. Please feel free to contact me and we can organize a nice tour to visit your preferred area and species. See you! Area:
Moorland, forest, Dutch coast and more

Area Birds:

Nature, photography, hiking, mountain-biking, travelling, music

M Hulsing Amsterdam, Noord-Holland Anytime English, Dutch, German
Just around the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, where I live, there are a thousand interesting spots to watch birds. Not so long ago I started birding, but I learn quickly, and I'm very enthusiastic!


  M Voorvelt Weesp/Amsterdam, Noord-Holland Weekends Dutch, English, German, French
  I live in Weesp which is situated conveniently between Amsterdam and the lush green area Het Gooi, with many wonderful sites close by, such as Oostvaardersplassen, Waterland and the North Sea coast.

The Netherlands has many things to offer in any season and there's always a rarity within easy reach.

Where I live, some breeding birds include Bluethroat, Bearded Reedling, Marsh Harrier and Water Rail; Osprey comes to visit now and then. in winter expect lots of waterfowl and there is a chance of Great Grey Shrike. Cetti’s Warblers are present year-round these days.

A former composer, I am now editor-copywriter of the world famous Concertgebouw Orchestra.

I have been an avid birder since I was very young. After 45 years of birding I am still impressed by what this small country has to offer, and I love to show visitors around.

I have been a birding pal since 2004 or so and have met many wonderful Pals in many countries, some of whom I have remained in contact with.
Weesp, Amsterdam, Het Gooi, Oostvaardersplassen, Waterland and the North Sea coast

Area Birds:
Bluethroat, Bearded Reedling, Marsh Harrier, Water Rail, Osprey, in winter: waterfowl, Great Grey Shrike. Cetti's Warblers

Nature: birdwatching, twitching, hiking
Travel: train, car, biking, long walk, backpack
Visit: tourist site, museum, restaurant, outdoors, nature spot, ocean, architecture
Attend: concert, ballet, theatre, live music
Participate: bar, rock, classical, wine, beer, liquor

P Plenckers Amsterdam, Noord-Holland Anytime English, Dutch, Hungarian
I am a enthusiastic bird watcher, especially interested in ducks, geese and other shore birds.
J Louwe Kooijmans Amsterdam, Noord-Holland Anytime English, Dutch, German
Preferance for urban birding. Team leader at VBN - BirdLife Netherlands.
R Desjardins Amsterdam, Noord-Holland Weekend English, a teeny bit of Dutch
I am an American expat and birder, my favorite spots around Amsterdam are accessible best by bike.
P van der Wielen Heerhugowaard, Noord-Holland Weekend Dutch, English
J Beijk Isselstein/Utrecht, Noord Holland Anytime Dutch, English, some German
I am an ecologist and interested in reptiles, amphibians and of course birds. If you are interested in birding in the Netherlands, please contact me.
O Zijlstra Nw. Niedorp, Noord-Holland Anytime Dutch, English
R Kampf Schermerhorn, Noord-Holland Anytime Dutch, English, German, French, Norwegian
J Verhulst Utrecht, Noord Holland Weekend Dutch, English, German
GM Kohn Utrecht, Noord Holland Weekend Dutch, English, some German
I am a student at Utrecht University studying animal behavior (mainly animal social learning and personalities), from Montana/New York in the United States. Looking fellow birders in my area who are willing to share there knowledge of the local avifauna, as well as go on low-income birding trips (aka ride-sharein, hitchhiking and couchsurfing).
R Jansen Vianen, Utrecht, Noord Holland Anytime Dutch, English, German
I am Ronald, and I just love birding. I try to go for birdingtrips as mutch as possible. I always like to go birding with other birders. When I have tiime I love to show you Arround all of the Netherlands.
E Groenewoud Zaandam, Noord Holland Weekend Dutch, English, German
GP Langedijk Zuid-Scharwoude, Noord-Holland Weekend Dutch, English, German, French
I live in the north western part of Holland in the province of Noord-Holland. In this part of the country you have some good places to go birding. Close to the Northsea (15 km) where there is always a lot to see. In spring and automn there is the migration of shorebirds, ducks and seabirds you can see from several lookout spots at the coast. On land there are some good places too, The dunes along the coast, some wetlands behind the dikes. A special good place is Zwanewater with contents two sweetwater lakes and is situated in the coastal dunes near Callantsoog. There are breeding Spoonbills and all kind of marshbirds such as Harriers, Reedwarblers, Bluethroats and for the third year we have breeding Cetti warbler. For 20 years I monitor birds in Zwanewater which gives much satisfaction.
M Woods Amsterdam, Noord-Holland Anytime Dutch, English
I am a retired from advertising and keen bird photographer. I live in Amsterdam.

F vandenBos Zwolle, Overijssel weekends English
Nature minded and love the be in the field to watch birds and butterflies . Area:
Wetlands , forrest etc.

Area Birds:
all kinds
Nature: birdwatching, twitching, photography, butterflies, walking,

M Hoksberg Deventer, Overijssel Anytime Dutch, English, some German
I bird the River Ijssel with lots of marshbirds. Also woodlands and birds connected with farming. Very beautiful area. Both interesting in summer and winter.
A van Essen Zwolle, Overijssel Anytime Dutch, English
H Pohlmann Zwolle, Overijssel Anytime Dutch, English
M Bunskoek Zwolle, Overijssel Anytime Dutch, English
I am a enthusiastic birder with over 15 years of birding experience. Zwolle is situated near many good birding areas (river IJssel, Oostvaardersplassen, Veluwe, Sallandse heuvelrug, Wieden and Weeribben). Tell me your wished for birdspecies and I will try to help you find them!
H Bouman Zwolle, Veluwe, Utrecht, Overijssel Anytime Dutch, English, German

M Veldt Utrecht, Utrecht Anytime as I work irreg. hrs, usually I'm very busy Apr/May and Sep/Oct English, Dutch
If you would like to go birding in the Netherlands, please contact me and let me know what species you would like to see. I will report back the possibilities for any of them and suggest an itenerary. I'm also interested in mammals, dragonflies (and to lesser extent butterflies too) for which tailormade trips could be done as well. Area:
Texel, Lauwersmeer, Zeeland, Veluwe

Area Birds:
Anywhere in the Netherlands
Nature: birdwatching, twitching, photography, butterflies, mammals, dragonflies, fishing, skiing Travel: stroll, walking, car, biking, long walk Visit: tourist site, museum, restaurant, ski run/trail, monument, arboretum appreciation, tech Participate: night life (as in nocturnal animals that is!)

N Oele Goes, Zeeland Anytime Dutch, English, German
Zeeland is in the south-west of the Netherlands, a very important place for all kind of birds.
T Plug Bodegraven, Zuid-Holland Weekend Dutch, English, French, German
I am a retired person, 65 years old and used to be head of the Biology Dept. of a Teacher's training College. I have been birding all my life, in the neighbourhood as well as abroad. Besides birding I am collecting used birdstamps worldwide. The little village were I am living is located between some lakes and swamps, so birding is excellent. Mostly I am doing this by bike. I have had contact with some other Birdingpals a couple of times. Depending of the season I usually taking them to the shore in the part of Holland called Zeeland. It is about an hour's drive from my village. Most of the time we are able to watch over 50 species.
M Smits Delft, Zuid-Holland Weekend Dutch, English
I live near the coastal regions in the Netherlands. Always available to provide birdwatching advice in the area, and in the weekend you're always welcome to join for a day out.
B Brieffies Hellevoetsluis, Zuid-Holland Anytime English, German, Dutch
I am a keen birder and know where to find the birds in the Netherlands. I am member of Dutch Birding, so if rarities are present, I know where they are. Send me your wishlist and I will see what is possible (depending of time of the year).
KP Hendriks Leiden, Zuid-Holland Weekend Dutch, English
J van den Berg Oostvoorne, Zuid-Holland Weekend Dutch, English, German, French
I Goedbloed Schiedam, near Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland Weekend Dutch, English, German
R Vlot Sliedrecht, Zuid-Holland Weekend Dutch, English
I bird the de Biesbosch area.
A de Hoon Voorburg/The Hague, Zuid-Holland Weekend Dutch/English
German, French, Spanish
H van der Veer Voorschoten, Zuid-Holland Weekend Dutch, English, Spanish, French, German, Russian
Specialised in the 'vogelplas vlietlanden', good for waders and ducks.
E Kleyheeg Gouda, Zuid-Holland Weekend Dutch, English
I am a biology student and for many years enthusiastic birdwatcher and nature photographer. Please contact me if you want to visit the characteristic polder landscape of the low western parts of the Netherlands (e.g. the Krimpenerwaard) for a successful birding experience.

P Boelee Goes, Zeeland Anytime Dutch, English, German
Zeeland is in the south west of the Netherlands, 1 hrs drive from Rotterdam. Seeing 60 different species of birds on one day here in Zeeland is quite normal. Go on a trip with an experienced birdguide en you will arrive at the finest birdwatch spots, also spots which aren’t marked on a map. Peter Boelee from Bureau Natuurbelevenis is a famous birdwatcher and naturalist in this area and protector of The Little Owls, he is willing to take you to the birding hotspots, you can drive along with him (3 persons) or you can use your own transport. (language Dutch/English/German) or we will hire a van. Nature Photography is also a possibility.

N Alblas Zoetermeer, Zuid-holland Weekends Dutch, English
Any province doable in one day. Area:
wetlands, meadows and grasslands

Area Birds:
white-tailed eagle, short-eared owl, waders, herriers
Nature: birdwatching, twitching, photography

Professional Guides

If you contact a professional Birdingpal guide you must be prepared to pay a fee for guiding services.

First Name Last Name Area Available Language

Klaas de Jong Texel, Noord-Holland Anytime Dutch, English, German, French, little Spanish and basic knowledge of Norwegian.

Positioned on the East Atlantic Flyway the island provides many migratory birds and has by far the most rarities of the country, to date (May '17) 398 in total.

Many interesting breeding birds that enjoy the absence of Red Fox and the wide variety of landscapes and habitats.
Horsmeertjes, Dijkmanshuizen, Wagejot, Utopia, Slufter, Muy, Robbenjager, etc.

Area Birds:
Marsh/Hen Harriers (occ. Montagu's/Pallid), Bluethroat/wagtails/stints/geese/etc
Bird watching guide

Steven Wytema Amsterdam, Noord-Holland Weekends, October to April Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish (basic)
Fortunately I made a living out of my hobby, and am giving courses and excursions on all levels (from garden birders to expecienced sound courses).

As an avid birder I know nearly whole of the Netherlands (although the local wardens know more of course), but most important of all: I've experienced all aspects of birding: migration counting, photography, leisure walking, ringing & banding, twitching and so on.

So I know what preferences the different birder has and thats what most important to me.
Dutch coast, green heart, if desired whole Netherlands

Area Birds:
all desired, also (inter)national rares, photography etc. Customer is king
J de Vries Oosterend/Island of Terschelling, Friesland Anytime Dutch, English, French, German
With more than 40 years of experience, he is a well trained birdwatcher. In weekends, during the period October till May he leads excursions for private groups up to 6 persons, in combination with sleeping facility all-in in a characteristic cottage " Heemst" on the Island of Terschelling in the Wadden Sea. Basic guiding fee for an individual euro 80 per day, each extra person 20 euro plus expenses.
P van der Luit Alphen aan den Rijn, Zuid-Holland Anytime Dutch, English
Pieter was born in October 1969 and lives in a town close to Leiden, the Netherlands. He started birdwatching around the age of 7 when he noticed a lot of birds he had never seen before on a family walk in the Oostvaardersplassen.
After a brief interruption during high school he picked up birding again in 1991, trying to see as many birds as possible in Holland and since '96 he has been birding abroad. Since then he has birded all around the world, visiting all 7 continents and countries like Uganda, South Africa, Peru, Argentina, Australia, The Solomon Islands, Svalbard and Costa Rica, resulting in a lifelist of well over 3000 birds.
Birding in Holland is a wonderful experience and if you want an experienced guide to accompany you, Pieter would be happy to show you the birds of Holland.

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