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Initial Last Name Area Available Language
J Cartes Guyra Paraguay, Asunción Anytime Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Italian

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Initial Last Name Area Available Language
P Smith FAUNA Paraguay, Encarnación Anytime English, Spanish, Portuguese
I joined a birding tour with Paul in Paraguay last summer and I was delighted with the results of visiting this lesser known nation. Having previously visited more familiar destinations such as Costa Rica and Ecuador for birding excursions, I wasn’t sure how Paraguay would stand up against these avian giants. But after just visiting a few sites, I was able to observe over 300 species including 280 life birds. The amazing variety of habitats found in Paraguay accompanied with the friendly people, fascinating culture, and the feeling of being in an untouched wildlife paradise made the trip just as exciting if not more so than any of my previous trips. With a list of over 700 hundred species, I most definitely plan on returning to Paraguay for more birding opportunities and another amazing adventure. Adam Betuel - Ykcul88(AT)
In September, 2006, I went on an extended tour for three weeks throughout Paraguay. Paul Smith designed and led the trip. Hugo del Castillo provided transportation and logistics. All of the habitats were explored from the Chaco and the Paraguay River to the forests of the East. We encountered almost 400 species of birds and 20 macro animals as well as various reptiles. My personal favourites were close-up views of a male and a female Spot-billed Toucanet. For anyone wishing to really experience the country of Paraguay this is the ultimate trip. Accommodations are basic in some areas and everything has to be taken with you into the Chaco. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in Paraguay. Richard Smith, Columbia, SC, USA.
Paul Smith and Hugo del Castillo are long time Birdingpal guides, well known in their own country and by myself or birders from around the world. Knud Rasmussen, Birdingpal.
H del Castillo FAUNA Paraguay, Asunción Anytime English, Spanish, Portuguese
Hugo del Castillo is a Paraguayan birder and author of several texts on the country's ornithology including the Atlas of the Birds of Paraguay and the Checklist of the Birds of Paraguay. He is the records keeper for the Guyra Paraguay Biological Database (Paraguay's Birdlife International Partner) which gives him an unrivalled knowledge of bird distribution in Paraguay. Hugo has travelled widely across Paraguay and is familiar with some of the least visited corners of this mysterious country.

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