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Fixed date birdwatching tours around the world Privacy Policy a website used by birdwatchers to contact other birdwatcher around the world with the goal of meeting to go birdwatching together when they travel.

Become a Birding Pal Contact us. MENU is designed and managed by Contact Pals Systems Administration of Canada.

Privacy Policy, a Contact Pals Systems Administration managed websites, is built upon the Java Heart information management system. Every effort is made to keep the user's email address from being discovered by spammers. No personal information is revealed on our site that has not been provided by the user for that purpose. No information is sold, shared or shown to any other entity, company or person. No credit card information is seen, collected or stored. No financial information is seen, collected or stored, with the exception of the interaction with who have a Privacy Policy of their own. This information is kept private and not sold, shared or shown to any other entity, company or person.

The purpose of the Contact Pals system is to allow people to put contact information on the web without being contacted by commercial interests, advertisers, spammers or persons unrelated to their specific area of interest; in the case of this interest is birdwatching, either hosting traveling birdwatchers or traveling to meet birdwatchers. Every effort is made to live up to this purpose. Information is not exposed outside of the listing on the website and is not revealed any other way. The limit of our ability is at the point if the Java Heart information system where "hacked" although every effort has been undertaken to make this software secure.

When a Pal (someone listed on a Contact Pals site indicating that they want to be contacted) is contacted their email address is still private. If they use email to answer this contact then their are revealing their email address themselves.

Messages sent through the Contact Pals system are not secure or protected. Message links do not require a user account to read. Message text is routinely seen by staff and is stored on public web servers. This system is not suitable for the transmission of sensitive or valuable information.

Contact Pals is the Web Administration company for
We are not involved with financial transactions between Pals or guides.
The guides at we have known for a long time and we vouch for their service in the past, but without financial obligation.

For international transfer of money we use but can not assume responsibility for their service. and Contact Pals make every reasonably effort to keep private the information we are entrusted with, but we can not be held responsible legally or financially for a failure to do so. However we will make every effort to correct any mistake made.

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