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Using the Birdingpal resources you must agree to the following: If you contact a local Birdingpal and make arrangement to go birding, you should note it is common courtesy to make sure you show up for the appointment. If for any reason you are unable to do this, the least you must do is contacting the local Pal right away.
Please note that most Birdingpals are serious birdwatchers. It is a privilege to contact them, and your message should reflect it. A local Pal does not get paid, but should he/she offer to take you out birding, using their own vehicle, it would be courteous to pay for the fuel. A lunch and/or a small gift would also be appropriate, something as simple as a souvenir of your country, or a pin from your local birding club.
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Initial Last Name Area Available Language

E Alemu Addis Ababa Birding in Ethiopia with me will be exciting, adventure, educational and fun. Anytime
I am an Ethiopian passionate birdwatcher, professional safari guide in profession and amateur bird photographer.

As of my professional life as a safari guide I have been engaged in birdwatching activities for local and international birdwatchers.

I also do research on identifying bird reach hotspots and up to date information on distribution and breeding seasons.

Addis Ababa, Jemma valley, Awash national park, the great rift valley

Area Birds:
All the endemic bird species of Ethiopia, specialities of the regions and birds of interest including Bearded vulture, Yellowbill , white-winged flufftail etc..
Nature: birdwatching, twitching, photography, walking, hiking, climbing, bus, car, hitchhiking, biking, long walk, packpack. mobile
Visit: tourist site, museum, restaurant, arboretum, architecture appreciation, shop, antique, fashion, tech
Attend: concert, horse race, ballet, dance show, theatre, live music, sports competition,

G Tewelde Addis Ababa, Region 14 Any time English, Amharic,and Tigrigna.
I am a naturalist with a great passion of birding from child hood. After my graduation from the University of Gonder i have been worked as a tourism expert in the fauna & flora rich national parks.

This brings me an opportunity to guide, work and meets with ornithologists; studied nesting associations of village Weaver in Awash National Park.

In Addition of that i have been worked with (WSD) Wild life for sustainable development as a community Eco tourism development programmer and conservationist to different wild life sanctuaries and reserves.

I have a very good knowledge of the IBA (important bird areas) of Ethiopia. Birding with me is really enjoyable and fun.

I am sure i will be always there to make your birding holiday better, take you very close to the birds and upgrade your lists.
To all important bird areas (IBA) of Ethiopia. Such as Gefersa reservoir, Gibe gorge, Yabello ,Awash Park , Menagesha Forest, Bale mountains NP, Negelle and Dawa river, L.Ziway ,L.Hawasa and L.Tana etc..

Area Birds:
African Cuckoo-Hawk , Abyssinian Wood pecker, White-backed Duck ,Bat Hawk, Abyssinian owls and many more interesting, rare and endemic birds.
Nature: bird watching, photography, butterflies, fishing, swimming, walking, hiking, climbing , tourist site, museum, restaurant, architecture appreciation, shop, antique, fashion, concert, horse race, ballet, dance show, theatre, live music, sports event, classical.

Professional Guides

If you contact a professional Birdingpal guide you must be prepared to pay a fee for guiding services.

Name Company Area Available Language


  Meseret Mekuria Addis Ababa, Shoa Region 14 Anytime English, Amharic Orominga
  I am Meseret Mekuria from Ethiopia. A Professional English-speaking birdwatching guide. I become a birding pal member since 2007.

In 2006, when his kindly birding pal founder KNUD RASMUSSEN visited Ethiopia, invited me to join the birding pal, that I can help birdwatchers and myself. Then he took my details and itineraries and posted at Birding Pal.

Thence I have served for many birdwatchers around the world including from Canada, America, United Kingdom, Australia, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Denmark, Belgium, Germany and more.

During all those times I have not received any negative comments or complaint from clients, except great, well done or many thanks.

Area Birds:
Nature: birdwatching


"During my March 07 Ethiopia trip, Meseret not only managed to show us 419 species of birds (incl. 23 endemics), but I also enjoyed his company very much, and he became a good friend. From his experiences as a former wildlife manager, Meseret is very familiar with all the best places for birds and wildlife and has lived in many of them.

He speaks several tribal languages and is personally known to many village people throughout Ethiopia. This is important for successful guiding not only for finding birds but also for safety, when travelling the tribal areas."
- Knud Rasmussen, Toronto, Canada

"We would recommend Meseret Mekuria as your preferred guide in Ethiopia. His professionalism is outstanding. Beyond being simply reliable and punctual Meseret truly listens to the wants and needs of his clients and remains flexible and responsive in ensuring that their experience is a valuable one. His broad network across Ethiopia coupled with his sound knowledge of local culture and wildlife is fantastic.

He is also a very personable individual who makes you feel very welcome in this beautiful country. It is obvious that he is well regarded locally in his field and that he has a particular talent when it comes to ornithology.

I feel well qualified to make such statements given that I have travelled with Meseret extensively on 2 occasions - most recently in 2007 with my wife Sarah - and I have also recommended him to my 70 year old parents whom Meseret led a memorable cultural trip for in 2006."
- S. Bacon, Victoria, Australia.

J NDUNG'U Addis, Oromia Region Anytime English, Kiswahili, Amarigna, Oromifa
I am a Kenyan, who has traveled, lived and worked in most regions here in Ethiopia.

I am an Avian Researcher, by trade. I trained, qualified and certified as an "A"-grade bird ringer through the South African Bird Ringing Scheme (SAFRING). I have been in the safari business since 2006, with a track record as a bird-guide/naturalist spanning for more than 20-years.
Bale Mountains N.P.

Area Birds:
Rift Valley, All National Parks

Local Information
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Ethiopian Wildlife and Natural History Society Club
African Bird Club Ethiopia
Birding Hotspots around the world Sites
1,0000 Flamingos Lodge

The 10'000 flamingos lodge is inside the Abijata-Shalla National Park, on a beautiful hill, over viewing Lake Chitu and Lake Shalla.

10,000 Flamingos are all the year round on the Chitu lake and fly over near the lodge to Lake Shalla. The number can go up to more than 20000 flamingos on lake Chitu.

It takes a 4 hours drive from Addis Ababa to the lodge, or 286 km on the highway and a good asphalt road.

10 traditional houses are build with each 2 beds and sanitation, giving a direct view over the crater lake Chitu, 80 m below.

Restaurant and drinks will be available for those who take a room.

Walks are organized to discover the beautiful hilly savanna area on the border of the lakes, the flamingos, many birds as well as the hot springs in the nearby area.

At 15 minutes walk from the lodge, you can bath in the hot spring waters and swim in Shalla Lake surrounded by Flamingos.
Birding Friendly lodging