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Using the Birdingpal resources you must agree to the following: If you contact a local Birdingpal and make arrangement to go birding, you should note it is common courtesy to make sure you show up for the appointment. If for any reason you are unable to do this, the least you must do is contacting the local Pal right away.
Please note that most Birdingpals are serious birdwatchers. It is a privilege to contact them, and your message should reflect it. A local Pal does not get paid, but should he/she offer to take you out birding, using their own vehicle, it would be courteous to pay for the fuel. A lunch and/or a small gift would also be appropriate, something as simple as a souvenir of your country, or a pin from your local birding club.
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Initial Last Name Area Available Language

I Katona Budapest Weekend Hungarian, English
I would be very happy guiding people around on weekends.
F Domoki Szeged, Csongrád Weekend English, German
Occasionally I can arrange a weekday outing as well. Szeged is a great location: alluvial forests of the Tisza, fishponds and other wetlands, steppe areas can all be accessed easily, 300+ species have been recorded in the county. For instance, Saker, Imperial Eagle, Red-footed Falcon are all resident along with Roller and Lesser Grey Shrike. Migration of shorebirds, Common Cranes and Greater White-fronted Geese can also be spectacular in the fall/winter season.
Zs Kiss Szeged, Csongrád Anytime English
I'm a vet by profession, and I consider myself rather a birdwatcher than a bird photographer although I always have a professional photography equipment with me in the field. The area features vast plains and fish ponds. Szeged Feher-to and Ferto, Tomorkeny Csaj-to, Kardoskut and neighbouring plains (Koros-Maros National Park, Kiskunsagi National Park).
Z Oroszi Harta, Bács-Kiskun, Kiskunság NP Anytime Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, English, German, Russian, Latin
M Taschek Szeged, The South Great Plains Weekend Hungarian, English, German

Professional Guides

If you contact a professional Birdingpal guide you must be prepared to pay a fee for guiding services.

Initial Last Name Area Available Language

Bence Kokay Budapest, Pest Anytime English

I have been birding since 1995, and guiding since 2003. I have led trips to Romania and Belarus too, beyond Hungary. Travelled in Western Palearctic in some countries like Finland, Norway, Spain, Scotland, Romania, Belarus, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Egypt, Tunisia. Outside of WP I have been to Oman, Russia, and Thailand.

I'm member of the Hungarian Rarities Committee since 2010.

I really enjoy doing guidings as it is my main hobby, and always liked to get contact with people with the same interest.


Kiskunsag National Park
Hortobagy National Park
Bukki National Park
Zemplen Nature Reserve

Area Birds:
Great Bustard, Imperial Eagle, Saker, Red-footed Falcon, woodpeckers, etc


Z Pabar Szolnok, Great Hungarian Plan(Nagykunság) Anytime Hungarian, English
Zoltán is graduate from the Faculty of Agricultural, Water and Enviromental Management at the the Tessedik Sámuel College in Szarvas. His thesis was on the Rehabilitation possibilities of the backwaters of the Great Hungarian Plain. He speaks and writes in English and he understands a little German as well. Zoltán started birdwatching when he was thirteen and started fishing when he was only ten. He was the leader of the Barn Owl conservation programme in South-East Hungary. In 2006, he spent three months in the Netherlands studying birds and their diverse habitats. In 2007, he was in the United Kingdom, improving his English.
He began serious photography five years ago and his work has been displayed at exhibitions. His favourite subjects are birds, plants and macro. As a keen birdwatcher and photographer, he has visited several different Europian countries (e.g. Ireland, Spain), as well as Canada, Thailand and Egypt.
C Tolgyesi Kecskemet, Bács-Kiskun Anytime Hungarian, English
My name is Csaba Tolgyesi. I was born in 1984, in Kecskemet, Hungary. I started birdwatching when I started walking as my parents worked at the Kiskunsag National Park and were also birdwatchers in a way. So, by now I have collected a comprehensive knowledge about the places in the Kiskunsag National Park and its vicinity where the best bird species can be observed with the least effort and the least disturbance. I graduated as a BA biologist this year. My thesis was about the effects of climate change on the vegetation of Kiskunsag. Now I am doing the MA course, but besides it I study English-Hungarian translation as well. In 2007 I took part in a tour guide training course organized by the Kiskunsag National Park and after finishing it I became a contractual tour guide at the Kiskunsag National Park. I am specialized on birdwatching and botanical excursions. I have been a member of the Hungarian Ornithological Society for 12 years and whenever I have time I work at the bird ringing center of the national park as a volunteer. Me and all the members of my family nurse injured birds. Some remarkable species successfully repatriated: White Stork, Roller, Bee Eater, Syrian Woodpecker, Golden Oriole etc. My three best self-found species in the Kiskunsag: Lesser White-fronted Goose, Cattle Egret and the only record of Cinereous Vulture in the last 80 years. Some other good species on my list: Long-billed Dowitcher, Buff-breasted Sandpiper, Black-winged Pratincole, Ruddy Shelduck or Hume’s Leaf Warbler. I started visiting other countries for birdwatching only a few years ago but since then I have visited Egypt, Austria, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia and Greece. Besides birdwatching I am a keen mountain climber, a hiker and a long-distance cyclist as well.

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